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Eligibility and Service Area

We are happy to speak with you and discuss support needs. Our services currently encompass Madera, Fresno, Merced, Tulare, and Contra Costa counties. If you do not see your insurance on the following list, please reach out to us for a consultation, as we are consistently expanding our current insurance network.


We currently accept the following insurances:


Anthem Blue Cross Medi-Cal

Anthem Blue Cross PPO

Managed Health Network (MHN) Medi-Cal

Community Care Health Plan

Contra Costa Health Plan



Beacon Medi-Cal

We are also contracted with the Central Valley Regional Center (CVRC)

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The Inclusive Hearts’ team is trained in Skills Based Teaching (SBT), which is a trauma-informed, safety-focused approach to learning and behavior reduction. This approach focuses on ensuring a child remains Happy, Relaxed, and Engaged (HRE) throughout the teaching process. Inclusive Hearts believes wholeheartedly that children learn best when they are HRE! Therefore, we ensure that we spend extensive time learning what each child’s HRE means to them and how we can get them there.


A child’s HRE is everything that contributes to them being Happy, Relaxed, and Engaged. Imagine someone bringing you your favorite coffee order from your favorite coffee shop. Feel all those good feelings… Now, imagine that same person says you have to stand to drink the coffee, only have 1 minute to finish it, and they didn’t put whipped cream on it.


Do you still feel all the good feelings?


If this person was truly thinking about your HRE you would have your favorite coffee order with the whipped cream that you love, you’d be sitting in your favorite comfy chair, with your fuzzy socks, Encanto on the television, a fan in your face, and enough time to enjoy the coffee and finish it in a reasonable amount of time.


Our kids are no different! This is why Inclusive Hearts places emphasis on children’s ability to have all their favorite things without fear of removal or task demand. Children (and quite frankly, adults too!) learn best in an environment of relaxation and mutual respect. 


Read more about this procedure, developed by Dr. Gregory Hanley, here: