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Behavioral Sleep

Inclusive Hearts utilizes the Sleep Assessment and Treatment Tool (SATT) as a support to assist families in developing a sleep program that works for them and their unique situation. Children with autism may be at an increased risk of experiencing disturbances in their sleep patterns. Through use of the SATT and other assessment tools, Inclusive Heart’s staff will sit down with your family and provide assistance for goals such as your child sleeping in their own room, falling asleep on their own, falling asleep quicker, staying asleep throughout the night, and other goals that fit your family’s needs.

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Inclusive Hearts utilizes an evidence-based, trauma-informed approach to toileting support. We aim to empower our students and ensure they are in an environment of mutual respect and one in which their privacy and dignity is upheld. Our team begins with a thorough assessment to determine where each child is in their toileting journey, any trauma they may have associated with toileting, methods attempted in the past, etc. We want to ensure a thorough history is obtained to avoid any repeated, unintentional traumas. Once background information is obtained, our team works with you to collect baseline data on toileting so the team and family can sit down and determine the individualized toileting plan.

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Selective Eating

Children with sensory challenges may become highly selective eaters, choosing only to consume certain foods and refusing all others. Inclusive Hearts uses a variety of methods to assist with expanding children’s diets. Our team collaborates with other professionals in your child’s life, such as Speech Language Pathologists, doctors, Occupational Therapists, etc. to ensure similar treatment modalities and to make certain no harm is done.

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Our team collaborates with relevant professionals to help support your child’s communication. We work with methods the children are already familiar with and having success with, such as signing, Picture Exchange Communication (PECS), AAC devices, or other methods the child may find more effective. During the assessment and intake process, our BCBAs use a number of assessment tools and observations to assess what your child is currently using to communicate.

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Challenging Behavior

At Inclusive Hearts we understand that behavior is communication and behavior is indicating a need or a want. Oftentimes we see children frustrated when they are unable to say what they would like and sometimes this frustration is observed through challenging behaviors such as tantrums, self-injury, aggression toward others, etc. Each child we work with has the potential to thrive in their environment and each child has the right to live in a world where challenging behaviors are not needed to get their needs met. We value every child and work with the families to ensure challenging behaviors are reduced in an environment of empathy and mutual love and respect. For severe, dangerous challenging behaviors, Inclusive Hearts uses Skills Based Teaching (SBT) in an intensive learning environment. However, Inclusive Hearts utilizes many of the principles of SBT throughout our programming.

Our team are all trained in the Inclusive Hearts Universal Protocols to ensure that behavioral challenges are worked on in the same manner, when needed. This protocol begins with empathy, above all else. The Inclusive Hearts staff will work to determine what caused the behavior and provide empathy to children who are struggling, whether it be in the form of a hug, giving them needed space, letting them know we are there for them, or whatever else the individual child may need. Our Universal Protocol is available upon request, to all clients and their families.

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Christmas Light Walk

We have so much fun with our Christmas themed Trunk or Treat style event. Join us for an all-inclusive, fun event! We will be having

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